What We Do


How do we identify challenges faced by business and industries? How can we provide adequate supports that help businesses adapt to changing environments and prepare for a world saturated by technology?

How prepared are you to catch the wave?

Support industry transformation

A Cloud of Color

How can I express my unique potential in the world, and yet embrace the culture around me? What does it mean to integrate into a society? Come join in with our dialogues with people who have navigated this terrain. 

How to amplify the best of multiple worlds?

Navigate (inter)cultural challenges

Coffee Shop

Do you have business ideas but have not yet found the chance act on them? Do you find yourself thrust into a leadership position and seek help fitting into a new role? Do you find yourself needing support to make your business thrive? You are not alone. Let us be here for you and with you on your entrepreneurship journey.

How can you live your passion?

Support small businesses & entrepreneurs

Female Lecturer

What leadership qualities do I aspire to? What does it mean for me to be a leader in a new environment? We organize, host, and facilitate collaborative inquiries on leadership. Join us in an exploration of leadership in an (inter)cultural context. You share you as a leader to the world, and invite the world to know you as a leader.

Dare to lead your way!

Cultivate leaders & leadership