Our Passions 


(Inter)cultural Dialogue 

Topics on culture are fascinating to us. But what is more crucial is how we embody our cultures, how we maintain and honor our heritage while being in a new place, learning, adopting and adapting to new ways of doing things, thinkings, and living. Where to find the balance? When to integrate? When to hold on to our values? Join us to explore endless questions related to your (inter) cultural exploration.

Leadership Dialogue

This is an ancient topic but increasingly relevant in the global context, and more so when we travel and work across cultures. Who am I as a leader? What are my leadership qualities and if they are applicable in this new socio-cultural context? What does it look like to be a leader in this area, this region, this country? Bring your questions to us, to our discussions, and workshops. Participate in collaborative inquiry process to share your brilliance with the world. 

Business and Entrepreneur Ecosystems Building 

How often did you stop working with a business consultant, or professional service provider because of the price tag? When was the last time you paid an adviser just to find out that you could have found the answer online? How many times did you get disappointed in receiving expert advice that is not relevant to your business case? We have been there ourselves and we would love to be there to support you and co-create an environment where you and your business can thrive.